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Custom Skateboard Decks

how our decks are produced

We only make top quality custom skateboard decks for professional use. 7 plies of premium maple sourced from the Great Lakes region are run through a glue application machine. These veneers are put into a hydraulic press containing the mold top and mold bottom (mold determines concave) for 1.5-2 hours at room temperature (known as cold pressing). Next, the laminated rectangle blanks (un-cuts) are allowed to cure for 4-7 days in large stacks. Truck hole drilling and shaping by template or CNC router happens next. Edges are routed and then bladder/balloon sanded. Surface sanding is next and then a coat of lacquer. Lacquer is allowed to cure and is followed by more sanding and a final lacquer coat. This how a premium professional skateboard deck is made.

Board Templates

Custom Skateboard Deck Options

Custom Skateboard Shapes

Choose one of our existing molds to cut your custom skateboard shape from. An illustrator file (or other vector format) with the deck outline and truck holes are required. Sample charges and minimum order quantity apply.

Custom Skateboard Molds

Custom molds are quite difficult! A cad file is required and tooling charges apply. Minimum deck order required. We have quite a few molds that are not listed. Check with a rep for more info.

Other Custom Options

Veneer colors, wood burn, bamboo and other options are available please contact a rep or check out our Build-To-Order program for more details.

Custom Skateboard Manufacturing Mold, Concave & Shape options

Custom Steep Concave
Approx 19.25°nose and 18.5°tail with a medium center concave. Kick starts further from truck holes.

Mellow Concave

This concave is the choice for the tech skater, but some old school guys that like flatter decks also appreciate this mold. Flat areas beyond the outer truck holes provide a stable platform for nose and tail slides. Smooth transitions through the nose, tail, and center concave provide a stable platform that is not too ‘twitchy’ for flip tricks. Click the sizes below for the most popular specs. Other specs are available as stock shapes as well as full custom shapes cut from this mold.

Stock Sizes:

Custom Steep Concave
Approx 20°nose and 19.5°tail with a deep center concave. Kick starts near truck holes.

Steep Concave

Steep nose and tail with a medium/deep center concave. Deeper transitions abound, these help to stiffen the deck and give it a quick snap. Nose and tail flip starts a bit quicker then the mellow after the outer truck holes exaggerating the steepness. This is our best selling concave, but mellow has been steadily taking market share. Click the sizes below for the most popular specs. Other specs available as stock shapes as well as full custom shapes cut from this mold.

Stock Sizes:

other concaves

Mini Standard
Standard street with shorter wheelbase to accommodate shorter legs.

Stock Sizes:

XL Street
Standard medium mold to accommodate longer wheelbase and wider width.

Stock Sizes:

Old School
Longer wheelbase and made for closer to 10″ wide. Updated old school mold has a deeper concave and steeper nose/tail than the original concave for the late 80’s.

Stock Sizes:

OG flatter street concave.

Stock Sizes:

Custom Skateboard Manufacturing Veneer Color options

Custom Dyed Veneer Colors

These are our standard dyed wood colors. We actually have more colors than what is shown. Stock decks are assorted dyed colors (when applicable). If you are going the full custom/built to order route you can select what color dyed plys and where in the deck. Be sure to let your rep know which ply and what color. For example: Ply 1 Black, Ply 2 Natural, Ply 3 Natural, Ply 4 Red, Ply 5 Natural, Ply 6 Natural, & Ply 7 Dark Blue. Minimums are usually 200 custom skateboard decks per custom dyed combo. Check with your Point sales rep or email sales@pointdistribution.com for more info on skateboard manufacturing.

Stained VS. Dyed Veneer

Stain is just a surface colorant. The pigment of the stain only colors the surface and probably on your first slide will show the natural veneer wood color.

Dyed veneer is color pushed through the the entire veneer. The veneer is placed in a pressurized vessel and the dye is pushed through the entire veneer layer. You won’t slide through the dyed veneer color on your first boardslide.

*Color is not consistent

Available dyed veneer colors change all the time. Above pic is not what is always available and not how colors always appear.

Color is variable, too. There is no ‘matching a Pantone color’. Dyeing veneer is not an exact science as wood density, grain, and other factors make the final color inconsistent. Examples: Sometimes a black dyed veneer may appear like a very dark grey. Red may look pink, etc.

You've got questions we've got answers

Yes, we do it all the time. Just make sure you set your art to fit the largest deck, on smaller decks the graphic will just trim off a bit more.

We do. Please email sales@pointdistribution.com with what you are looking for. Please be aware that custom shapes have a larger minimum; 100 deck order, can be split 50 of one custom shape and 50 another shape if it uses the same laminate (mold and veneer size/color). The deck unit cost roughly follows whatever ‘stock’ deck is closest.

A similar looking shape but with a different width counts as a different shape as different shape template/programming are used for each width. 50 per shape within 100 decks in an order is minimum for a full custom shape. (Our stock shapes have no minimum).

First off we never knock-off any company, but if you want a really flat concave/mold we can check to see if we have something already made. We would need a CAD/3D file to make a full custom mold if that is what you want.

We don’t offer a carbon fiber option. In all the tests we have done carbon fiber doesn’t make a better skateboard deck than 7 ply hard maple. That’s just our opinion!

No. For outsourced products Point’s production team has been sourcing the products from the best factories for more than 15 years. Most of the substantial production happens offsite. We do keep many of the production parts like printing in Las Vegas for the fastest possible turnaround. Product origin is usually Mexico, USA, or China. You can rest assured that decks are only made with the best ingredients like the highest grade American/Canadian Maple with skateboard specific glue and the latest and best manufacturing techniques like cold pressing.

All skateboard products are made for and up to the standards of professional skateboarders. Samples of all products are available before ordering a production run for your brand.

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