We are still dealing with COVID shortages and extended turnaround times. Please check the Availability and Turnaround Time pages before ordering.

How To Order

You Must Have An Account

Point Distribution Inc’s wholesale division only sells business to business. We have certain requirements that must be met to become a wholesale customer.

A rep will review your submission, and get your set up with a login to the site. You will now have access to all pricing and quantity breaks.

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Submit Your Custom Graphics

Board Templates

Download Art Template

Go to our Artwork Templates page, and download the template for the product you want to customize. Create your graphic in your program of choice, and export your graphic layer to .jpeg or .png.

Double check your work

Take a look at Common Art Issues page if you are having problems. Does your graphic have any of these issues? Open your exported jpeg or png to make sure one last time. It's totally ok to have a little OCD here.


If your graphic is ready, but you aren't quite ready to put it into production, submit your graphic to our Graphic Upload Form, and a salesperson will review the file and add it to your online account. Your new graphic will be ready and waiting for you here.
If your graphic is ready, and you are ready to put an order into production, navigate to Graphic Upload & Order Page. Follow the directions on the page, and your Order will immediately be placed into the production queue.

Ordering Your Custom Products

Click on Custom Products Tab

You must be signed in to see your custom products. Once your graphic has been submitted and approved, a sales rep will add this to your custom products. Simply select the graphic you want to print.

Product, Quantity & Sizes

Select the quantities and sizes of the product that you would like customized. Please keep in mind how you initially built your graphic's live areas when selecting sizes.

Add to Cart

Once you have made your selections, just add to cart. If you wish to add another graphic to your order, navigate to your custom products page and start the process over.

Submit Your Order

Order Payment

Since we sell custom products, all orders are Pre-Pay. Just input your CC info like any other online transaction, and it will get your order into the queue.


Domestic or International shipping is available. We regularly ship to other countries. For smaller shipments that go to other countries we ship via UPS Air/USPS Priority (receiver will be responsible to pay any customs/duties and other import fees) . For shipments over 150lbs we can quote a consolidated air freight service.

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