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Build To Order Skateboard Program

Full Custom Skateboard Manufacturing

This is where every option under the sun is available: custom shapes, molds, bamboo, etc. Hit us up with all of your 3d files, specifications, and other relevant info and we’ll make a custom quote. Tooling fees, higher minimums, and extended turnaround times may apply. If you have requested a ‘Build to Order’ quote you will see it at the bottom of this page.

Below are some of the most common questions.

How to make a custom skateboard shape: Create your shape outline in Adobe Illustrator. Include truck holes in your art file. Make art scaled true to size 1:1. We will take your file and either make a shape template or program a CNC machine to make your shape. Minimum is 200 decks per shipment. With a minimum of 50 decks per custom shape. $200 per shape tooling/set-up fee. Cost per deck roughly follows our standard deck pricing on the custom products page of our website. Bigger sizes and extra details will increase the cost. On our artwork page we have a link to our custom skateboard products templates. If you want a sample you will need to pay the tooling fee and $100 for a blank sample. Usually 3-4 weeks for a sample and 6-10 weeks for custom deck production order.

Minimum 200 decks per color/concave combo & 50 decks per size.  $.50 per color per deck additional to base deck costs for standard street decks.   Bigger sizes and extra details will increase the cost.

Stain is just a surface colorant. The pigment of the stain only colors the surface and probably on your first slide will show the natural veneer wood color.

Dyed veneer is color pushed through the the entire veneer. The veneer is placed in a pressurized vessel and the dye is pushed through the entire veneer layer. You won’t slide through the dyed veneer color on your first boardslide.

Available dyed veneer colors change all the time. Above pic is not what is always available and not how colors always appear.

Color is variable, too. There is no ‘matching a Pantone color’. Dyeing veneer is not an exact science as wood density, grain, and other factors make the final color inconsistent. Examples: Sometimes a black dyed veneer may appear like a very dark grey. Red may look pink, etc.

Custom molds require a lot of work and testing. We require the top plane of the concave with an additional 2 inches bleed bigger than your largest deck. Any 3d file will work, usually from Solidworks or a universal format like iges. Minimum 500 deck order. Usually a $1500 tooling fee for a standard deck size. Bigger sizes and extra details will increase the cost.
In our experience 7-9 plys of American maple is the best mix of value to performance but we can work with other materials like bamboo, birch, or other hardwoods like walnut. We can use epoxy instead of PVA glue. Epoxy allows the use of carbon composites. Please keep in mind that we can make decks with carbon composite material but that it requires detailed production instructions. You will need to have a complete material list and detailed manufacturing instructions. We do not offer an ‘off the shelf’ carbon deck. More simple constructions like adding a layer of bamboo (approx $1 a layer) requires a 200 deck order while complicated production with composites requires 500 or more.
For custom color or hardness a minimum of 250 sets of the same combination is required (different size wheels OK, minimum 50 per size). For a custom shape wheel the tooling charge varies from $2000-$5000. Sometimes simple shape adjustments can be made with post-mold lathing to save money on mold charges (hard wheels only).

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