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Custom skateboard Manufacturing

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We make more unique custom printed skateboards than any other company.


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We specialize in skateboard specific products: decks, wheels, grip tape, bearings, etc. We strive to provide the best quality products, the highest level of customer service, fastest turnaround, and unsurpassed value.
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We make custom skateboard decks on demand with your artwork printed on the bottom.  You upload the artwork, enter your bill to/credit card info, enter the customer ship to address, and then in 2-5 days we ship the custom printed skateboard deck directly to your customer.

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Order a custom skateboard deck with your artwork printed on the bottom.  You upload the artwork, enter your bill to/credit card info, enter your ship to address, and then in 2-5 days we ship the custom printed skateboard deck directly to your door.

Point Distribution BUILD YOUR BRAND

We only make top quality custom skateboard decks for professional use. All of Point’s skateboard decks are cold pressed. This method takes more time than a hot pressed deck but does not subject the wood to high temperatures that can weaken the wood fibers.


Ink chemically bonded to wood is the only way we print a skateboard deck. Never a Sticker, Decal, Vinyl Wrap, or some weird plastic laminate.

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Custom Skateboard ARTWORK

Making graphics for skateboard products is easy, making graphics for skateboard products that are print-ready without issues is HARD.

Take the time to read through a couple solutions to common problems you may encounter. When you are ready, make sure to visit our templates page, find the product your are going to customize, and download the template.

Custom Skateboard Manufacturing
Unprinted Skateboard
Heat Transfer
Custom Printed Skateboard


Get the best bang for your buck by ordering at least 50 heat transfers of your graphic. This program allows you to lock-in the lowest possible pricing on your heat transfers and increase your profit margin on your custom printed skateboards.

You've got questions we've got answers

North American Maple has many names like Canadian Maple, American Maple, Hard Rock Maple, and Sugar Maple. These names refer only to one species: Acer Saccharum. We use just one wood species in our seven ply skateboard maple construction: Acer Saccharum(the most important ingredient) and comes from the Great Lakes region of North America(America/Canada). The logs for our skateboard maple are individually selected and graded to yield the best veneer to make a skateboard.

We always advise prospective clients to order samples before placing a production order. We require that wholesale orders upload/submit graphics for review by our customer service people. The art is checked for issues and a digital proof is made that you approve/order through your online account. Some other products available for sample orders are: wheels, trucks, griptape and accessories. Many of these products require custom tooling and may not be available to have your custom options on a single sample.

Ordering in larger quantities will lower your unit cost significantly and it will lower your over all shipping costs.

To order business level quantities, you are in the right place. For just one custom skateboard check https://pointdistribution.com/custom_skateboard. As always hit us up on chat, phone, or email with any questions.

We do custom skateboard manufacturing so typically our payment terms are less lenient. Orders are usually paid for with a credit card as they are placed. These are typical payment terms for a skateboard manufacturer.

Quality, Value, Service, & Turnaround Time. Point Distribution offers the highest balance between quality products and customer service. Most experienced buyers will tell you that the hardest things for a supplier to achieve are on time delivery and a finished product made correctly. These are skills that we excel at. Give Point a try and see the difference!

Everyday we have potential customers asking ‘What companies do you make product for?’ and our answer is we can’t say (they don’t want their source revealed). Our customer’s info is confidential but on any given day we have 10-20 different companies orders in production. We make skateboard products for big and small companies all over the world.

Point Distribution is 100% owned by a skateboarder (He doesn’t skate daily like he used to). 

No. For outsourced products Point’s production team has been sourcing the products from the best factories for more than 15 years. Most of the substantial production happens offsite. We do keep many of the production parts like printing in Las Vegas for the fastest possible turnaround. Product origin is usually Mexico, USA, or China. You can rest assured that decks are only made with the best ingredients like the highest grade American/Canadian Maple with skateboard specific glue and the latest and best custom skateboard manufacturing techniques like cold pressing.

All skateboard products are made for and up to the standards of professional skateboarders. Samples of all products are available before ordering a production run for your brand.

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